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Since times of antiquity, the power of gold has been harnessed to maintain youth and beauty. Today, ancient wisdom and modern-day skin care intersect with Apeiro’s El Dorado 24K Regimen.
Made with a revolutionary blend of gold elements, Apeiro’s El Dorado 24K treatment is scientifically formulated to penetrate deep into skin, nourish tissue, and repair signs of aging. The result is nothing less than a regal, luxurious treatment that can be enjoyed in the comfort of home. The key to El Dorado 24K Regimen’s effectiveness is the synergistic combination of complimentary products, creating a lavish, potent skin treatment.

El Dorado 24K Cream:
El Dorado 24K Cream combines antioxidants with 24-karat gold to provide skin with a luxuriously smooth feeling and a vigorous, youthful look. Regular use reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, assists skin moisture retention, and provides a glowing, vibrant look only gold can offer.

El Dorado 24K Serum:
El Dorado 24K Serum contains an elegant formula of ingredients that gives skin a smooth, soft feeling almost instantaneously. This serum was meticulously designed to address lines and creases while illuminating the face. The result is the radiant, enviable look you deserve.

El Dorado 24K Gold Sheets:
El Dorado 24K Gold Sheets are designed to enrich skin and reduce the appearance of expression lines using the lustrous power of gold. Enjoy an easy, relaxing application process and the ensuing radiant skin.

El Dorado 24K Regimen

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